Peoplmovr is a creative studio specializing in engagement and communications.

We come to this work as artists. We make things. We start by listening to you and to the communities you want to involve. Let's find a table, or build one, big enough for all stakeholders to come together. 

Critical connections over critical mass. Key to our engagement strategy is long-term involvement.
- consulting
- engagement plan design and development
- partnerships
- public program design
- creative producing

There want to be deep and compelling reasons for folks to give their time, money, and attention. Let's find what's deeply impactful and human in the work.
- consulting
- key messaging
- communications plan design and development
- creative content design: photo, video, social, print
- earned/organic media

Leadership and Development
The most creative rooms and the most dynamic environments are always the most diverse. Without a diversity of opinion, of experience, of perspective, creativity suffers, community is incomplete, inclusion is absent.  We offer insight and thought leadership designed to raise awareness regarding diversity-based issues.
- consulting
- strategic planning and implementation

View recent and current partners here, including recent case studies.
Our work and growth has been greatly influenced by Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown and Undoing Racism workshops by The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond.